The Automotive Data Logger

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Well, if you are friends with me you will know that this is my second time taking the senior design course. I have had some trouble in the past, mainly due to a terribly designed PCB. Oh yes, I will speak a lot of electronics/tech lingo, so if you have any questions feel free to comment on my posts. I will be happy to answer.

My project when completed will be a data logger that takes information for the OBDii port on your car and saves it to an SD card. This is information like RPMs, O2 sensors and the like. Every car has a different protocol and for the most part the ADL will be able to read them all. The ADL also has an accelerometer, gyro, gps unit and bluetooth radio to connection on a PC terminal. The ADL is powered by two sources, the car battery and an on-board/rechargeable NiCad battery. The interface to the device is a 2 line LCD screen and a 12 button matrix keypad. All the previously described modules are run by the PSoC micro-controller. I chose this because it has so many UART ports and I'm familiar with the programming interface from a previous project. Whoo, I'm winded, sorry for the long post but that is the ADL in a nut shell. I will try to post some pictures of the device in the future but don't have a camera right now. Feel free to ask questions on the device.