Big day tommorrow!

Listen while you read: Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child

Well, did you notice the new title? "The Wire Up", I think describes my blog page a bit better.

Tomorrow is a big day. There are two checkoffs that I'm eligible for and if I get them I will be a couple weeks ahead of schedule, however at this point I would really like to be done. I took a look at where I'm at in the project and figured that I have about 75% of my project functional. There will be still more papers to write and more testing to do but getting the 100% checkoff is almost a sure way to pass the class. In order to do this I need to write some more code to make sure that my LCD works, just to show its functional. Then, by far the most important block is the interface for the OBDii. This really needs to be able to communicate with the PSoC in order to be considered functional. (I'm sure some of this doesn't make sense to you, I will try to dedicate my next podcast to explaining the blocks of my project). Its late and I need to get up early so have a great night and don't forget to post a comment or two.