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Sparkfun now carries a simple Alcohol Gas Sensor, amazing!! Wouldn't it be great just to be sure your safe before you start driving home. Wow, I want this so bad! I can think of all the drinking games I wanna play now.

This alcohol sensor is suitable for detecting alcohol concentration on your breath, just like your common breathalyzer. It has a high sensitivity and fast response time. Sensor provides an analog resistive output based on alcohol concentration. The drive circuit is very simple, all it needs is one resistor. A simple interface could be a 0-3.3V ADC.
Very simple set up. All you really need is just a couple parts: the sensor, microcontroller, a resistor. You could just wire it up to your DMM and then have a $15 breathalyzer. Really cool, if you have not check out the Sparkfun website then you must go there now.

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