Job Hunting and an Example Resume

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Ugh, looking for a job will give you a stress induced coma. The first thing I hate about job searching is having to prove yourself to everyone that your the perfect candidate. For a few of you it might be a normal day, the rest of us scream and weep with our heads between our legs. Second, no matter how many interviews I go to I still get nervous and scatter brained. I always get the gut wrenching feeling that I'm about to dive off a cliff.

The key is to start attending job fairs in your first few years of college. Yes I'm telling you to embrace the madness. Take the plunge early by going to job fairs and just practice talking with the representatives there. Don't worry so much about how to impress them, that only comes by building your resume with experience, focus on starting conversations with them and make sure to ask plenty of questions. Most employers take this as a sign of interest. You want to show personality and character, every employer is searching for a specific skill set but if you impress them with your character you have a much better chance of getting called back. I can tell you that the nerves never go away, but the more you attend job fairs and interview the more likely you will not make mistakes because you are nervous. Try your best to learn from your mistakes early on by talking to a friend after job fairs and interviews to see if you can correct your mistakes. OHHH yes, talk to your friends, share experiences and don't do it alone!!

EE Template Resume

The template above will give you an example of how a well accepted resume should look. Not every employer is looking for this style but I have been complemented many times on its look. Remember KISS. Simple is always best.

Another friend of mine also sent me his resume which is quite different from mine. He uses multiple pages to detail many of his classes and projects while a student. Multiple pages is something for a "Monster" submitted resume. Computers scan those resumes for keywords and it obviously helps to have a longer resume. I would not recommend monster to any one but apparently my friend got a job using his resume so I think I might give it another whirl. Another reason to use an expanded resume would be for the first "Technical" interview you have. This is usually with an engineer and they like to see what types of classes you have taken. However, lets make one thing clear if you walk up to a potential employer with 5 pages of a resume in hand they are going to thank you and then TOSS it. They don't have time to pour through your resume, they could have read 4 more. One page MAX. Shrink the font down to size 8 if you have to and do your best to keep things organized but don't use two pages. If your going over two pages at size 8 font you need to cut some stuff out.

This is all just advice guys, but its not the usual advice like talk slow and relax type of bull. I've been going to job fairs since my sophomore year. I have been to many job interviews and really it seems that the closer you get to graduation the more employers will be knocking at your door. However, if you start early you'll have a big advantage. One last tip: Keep all the business cards you collect, you'll never know when your going to have to look for another job in this economy. Good Luck job seekers.

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