Tutorials and Ustream

Listen while you read: MGMT - Electric Feel

Need help with understanding that micro-controller your working with or soldering a quad flat pack. Sparkfun is back to save the day. Head over here to check out Sparkfun's large list of tutorials. For instance, Don't have a re-flow oven, make one with toaster oven or use a stove top pan. Yes, a stove top pan, something a legitimate embedded electronics company has been using for years to re-flow batches of PCBs. Many great step by step guides and video tutorials to help you will soldering, programing and some hacking for those of you into that stuff.

You may have noticed the new Ustream link that has been posted up. In the future I plan to provide a video chat where anyone with questions about electronics can go and log into the chat room and get help with their project. I think I may make this integrated into my tutoring sessions, so one can watch a tutoring session live. We'll see, all dreams right now. For now go there check it leave some feed back and I'll get back to you on how things are coming along.

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