Tutoring Again, and so Should You!

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Yes, the rumors are true I have started tutoring again and this time its not only Electrical Engineering classes I am also going to be tutoring Building Construction Management classes too. Despite my broad base of skills only electrical related BCM classes for the time being. Having worked 5 years as a draftsman and a summer working for a contractor I think I have the experience necessary, who am I kidding. Even though the Technology Department is very long on tutors and very short on students needing tutors, no one would like to tutor this class. So of course I volunteered, we'll see how it goes. I wonder if he'll be able to tell I haven't taken the class or should I tell him up front. Hmmm...posts will follow.

I find that tutoring is very rewarding for both parties. Its obvious that its beneficial to the student, but its a great way for an upperclassmen to relearn those subjects you have now almost completely forgotten, from all the drinking and or over-nighters you've pulled. Even in job interviews it can really impress your potential employer, that one, you have been a tutor, and two, you did really well on their basic electronics quiz because just got done explaining what a encoder and decoder was to your 109 student. It also just feels rewarding, your contributing to someone's success and future successes no matter how far into the future.
Mind Blowing!

I know these last couple of postings have been a little off topic, but I hope these sorts of things will become periodic discussions. As this blog begins to find its purpose and meaning I will try to better aim my postings towards the readership. However, first you all have to start reading and leaving comments for me to better understand what you want. Right now I'm trying to establish who I am and also work on my writing skills as a blogger. I'm turning into a "ranter" or whatever you would call a person who rants. Please stay tuned, because with you and little bit of me, we're going to change the world of electronics one post at a time.

I feel like I should update you on the project since that is the reason I started this blog in the first place. Well, tonight I started to develop some of the code for the LCD. At first I was only able to write 2 characters to the screen. I then took out the two commands to the LCD that I had been using to erase the screen. It then began writing all of the characters I sent it. I think I have been writing the wrong commands, I guess I should go back and take a look at the data sheet again. Little progress tonight but things are only starting to heat up. Things are going to get interesting soon I promise. Good night all.

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