A Basic Digital Concepts Quiz

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This basic quiz is very similar to one that you might see if you are interviewing with a digital company. How well do you think you would do? Would you have to look up some of the answers and could you explain some of the terms out loud to some one who is not fimilar with digital electronics?

I'm not going to post the answers but if you email your responses I'll give you a grade and include the answers.

  1. What do each of the following acronyms stand for:
  2. Explain the login AND function.
  3. Explain the logic OR function.
  4. Are you familiar with the 7400 series of logic devices?___YES___If yes, do you know the approximate high and low voltages that are used to represent logic levels in TTL gates?

    High Voltage Level___5vdc___ Low Voltage Level:____0vdc____

  5. What do the terms HI-True and LOW_TRUE mean?
  6. What is the difference between a 7400, a 74S00, and a 74LS00?
  7. Some TTL devices are "open collector". Why?
  8. Some TTL devices are "Tri-state." Why?

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